What We Do.

We are an active network of professionals who leverage their time, expertise, connections and funds to help make a measurable impact in Santa Barbara County.  We partner with non-profit agencies, decision-makers, philanthropists and other collaborators and provide proven solutions and best practices especially in the areas of homelessness, education and the environment.

What Makes Us Different.

  • We are a network of engaged local donors, founded in 2008

  • Associated with the Santa Barbara Foundation as a Field of Interest Fund

  • Focus is on ideas with big potential, not the status quo

  • We bring an entrepreneurial business approach to problems

  • We are doers first and funders second

How We Work.

SBIN Partners collaborate to identify innovative ideas and solutions to address key social issues in our community.  The process begins with identifying community needs, assessing programs that exist to serve those needs, and collaborating on how SVP partners can make the greatest impact.  


As projects are launched, SBIN Partners team-up with non-profit and program leaders and lend their skills and experience to assist in growing and enhancing existing programs or building new programs to meet a social need within the community.  Typically, one or two Partners will take a leadership role within an initiative or project.  As lead Partners, they will oversee communications and keep all stakeholders well-informed and on task.  Any Partner may participate in the initiatives and projects currently underway and they may also work to bring new opportunities to the Partnership.

Current Initiatives