In 2015, Partners with Santa Barbara Impact Network hosted a conference on homelessness at UCSB to bring together non-profits, agencies and the community to discuss the impact of homelessness on our county.  There was great interest in exploring solutions and from this conference, Partners in Housing Solutions (formerly Landlord Liaison Partnership) was established.  Using a program in Seattle as a template, SBIN Partners helped to establish a collaborative effort between landlords, social service agencies and people experiencing homelessness.  The Seattle program, Landlord Liaison Project, housed over 7,000 people in its first six years.


Partners in Housing Solutions (PHS) is a collaborative effort focused on providing permanent housing to veterans and families experiencing homelessness.  Since its’ founding in 2015, Partners in Housing Solutions (PHS) has housed over 300 people experiencing homelessness in our community.  PHS has a retention rate of 92% for those housed for one year or more.


SBIN remains actively involved in Partners in Housing Solutions and our Partners continue to explore innovative ideas to address the needs of people experiencing homelessness.