Led by an SBIN Partner, Sustainable Future is an impact-making organization designed to align and empower Santa Barbara County to become a leading sustainable county for the world to follow.  We have a unique opportunity before us to make a difference here in our own backyard. Just as the oil spill in 1969 inspired the founding for Earth Day in Santa Barbara, the recent Thomas fire and subsequent mudslide tragedy can inspire environmental advocacy here at home. 


With action and technology, Sustainable Future will forward a culture of resiliency – by leading disaster preparedness initiatives, inspiring overall well-being and significantly reducing our carbon footprint by changing basic habits. Sustainable Future is a platform to inspire people to take action by harnessing the power of gamification and technology to catapult resiliency, wellbeing and environmental progress.


Sustainable Future will guide our community to make meaningful behavior changes and to create a more sustainable future for future generations by engaging our community around sustainability, positive culture, well-being and social impact. Together we can be resilient, impactful, and progressive all while inspiring others to do the same. 


By the end of 2022, Sustainable Future plans to engage with 10,000 people in Santa Barbara County.  Sustainable Future is collaborating with the City and County of Santa Barbara and the UCSB Bren School. In addition, started outreach to the cities of Carpinteria and Goleta. 


To achieve target participation, Sustainable Future will launch a campaign to reach out to 100 to 250 organizations within 5 pillars of community organization: non-profit, business, faith-based organizations, public sector, schools.  The Sustainable Future team consists of an Advisory Council to guide the strategy and direction of Sustainable Future, Program Director, Community Manager, and volunteers in all five community pillars to champion the program in the community and to support platform and campaign design.  Are you ready to get involved?